Creating the ideal sleep environment is more than just combining a bedtime routine with an accommodating mattress — it’s working with your body to design an environment that suits you on the inside as well as the outside.

We’ve worked tirelessly to research healthy practices worldwide and the materials that meet our standards not only in mattress support but also environmental sustainability. At Healthy Sleep, a good night’s rest begins with true transparency.

Healthy Sleep has the expertise to help you quickly pinpoint changes that could be made to your healthy routine. We hope our recommendations turn your restless nights into restful ones. However, as sleeplessness can result in a range of lifestyle upsets, from weight gain to debilitating depression, it is important to note that there is no replacement for necessary medical attention.

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Our values

Simply put, we want to help people sleep better. The more research we do, the clearer it is that sleep is a pillar of health. When sleep is neglected, it is harder to succeed in life, to remain physically and mentally healthy, to be the kind of person you want to be. By making simple changes to your lifestyle and diet (and by investing in the right tools) you can be on your to experience healthy sleep.


We focus on peer-reviewed, academic articles. We utilize certified sleep coaches and leaders in the mattress and sleep health industry to provide the most accurate, helpful information. We often include commissioned surveys, reviews of multiple academic studies, and interviews with sleep coaches, wellness experts, and medical professionals.

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Content Disclosure

At Healthy Sleep, we’ve invested thousands of hours into researching what makes up a good night’s sleep. We’re proud to publish in-depth articles for you, our readers, free of charge. However, our thorough research and consistent schedule require ongoing investment. Healthy Sleep is financed by One Mall Group, which is affiliated with mattress retailer, Amerisleep, LLC.

The editors of Healthy Sleep put all of our articles through a rigorous editorial process. We start with topic ideation. Generally, less than 15% of overall ideas make it through the initial round of approvals. Next, we spend a handful of – and up to several dozen – hours researching everything there is to know to produce the most comprehensive posts. Finally, we look to see if we can add to the topic. If so, we write a piece about it. Then, we put the draft through multiple rounds of revisions until we have all our facts and counterpoints covered. Once we have it right, we review it one last time, then we publish it.